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Benefits of online counselling

Driven by the constraints of COVID-19 and the advance of technology, the counselling environment has undergone a major change with the growth of online counselling sessions. The traditional face-to-face counselling model is no longer the only option for people seeking counselling.

Online counselling offers many advantages to many people and makes counselling much more accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Some of the key benefits of online counselling sessions include:

Accessibility and Convenience: Online counselling brings the service to individuals regardless of their location. It allows people in remote areas or with limited mobility to access professional help without the need to travel. The flexibility of scheduling appointments allows clients to find suitable time slots that fit their busy lifestyles.

Accessibility for Differently Abled Individuals: Online counselling is an ideal option for individuals with health conditions that may hinder their ability to attend in-person sessions. It creates a more inclusive environment for those who might otherwise face barriers to counselling services.

Reduced Social Anxiety: For those experiencing social anxiety or discomfort in face-to-face interactions, online counselling is a much more comfortable option. Communicating from the comfort of their own space can help clients open up more easily and build a stronger therapeutic relationship with their counsellor.

Continuity of Care: For clients who travel frequently or have an unpredictable schedule, online counselling ensures continuity of care. NHS workers, blue light service personnel and shift workers are usually unable to commit to counselling which requires them to attend at the same time and day each week. Clients can maintain their therapeutic relationship with the same counsellor, regardless of their location or their off-duty schedules.

Time and Cost-Effectiveness: Online counselling takes away the need for travel time and travel expense, making it a more cost-effective option and saving the client time. Many counsellors offer reduced rates for online sessions; this combined with the elimination of travel costs can be an important consideration during the current cost of living crisis.

Anonymity and Privacy: Although mental health issues are being discussed much more across the media and social media, some people may hesitate to seek help due to fear of stigma or judgment. Online counselling provides a level of anonymity that allows people to feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics without the fear of being recognised in public.

Greater Range of Therapists: Online counselling enables clients to access a wider pool of qualified therapists from various locations not just confined to the area the live in. This means that individuals can find therapists who specialize in their specific needs and cultural backgrounds, leading to a more personalised and effective counselling experience.

Although the benefits detailed above are a great help for a variety of clients, it is essential to ensure that confidentiality and safety of clients is maintained during any sessions. If you are considering online counselling, it is advisable to discuss this with your counsellor at the earliest opportunity.

I and many other counsellors offer online sessions at a reduced rate. If this is something that takes away barriers that have restricted your access to counselling in the past, please get in touch to discuss any questions you may have


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