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About me

Originally from the North East of England, I moved South as a teenager and spent 20+ years as an Army medic.
After leaving the Armed Forces and moving to London I worked in the private sector before joining the NHS.  Here I worked closely with the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services for almost a decade, including the pandemic and lockdown periods.
My life experience and my counselling training enable me to bring genuine understanding into the counselling space with a wide range of clients, particularly those colleagues from the blue light services who may be affected by the ongoing stresses of the pandemic.

You will find me easy to talk to as I will be genuinely interested in your life's journey and how it has made you the person you are today.

I am trained as an Integrative counsellor, which allows me to use different counselling models and techniques tailored to you.  This ensures you gain the most from our sessions together.

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